Cafe Bar Black1966

historic cafe located in Zurich Seefeld opened since 1966

Cafe Bar Black 1966

It was one of the first cafes in the city to offer real Italian coffee. After changing their ownership in May 2019 they decided to renew it to open their doors again in December 2019. The place was delicately resigned by the famous Danish artist Malene Bach.

Swiss Startup Tech Logo Brand Identity Sofia Moraes

The marketing team approached me with the goal of creating a super simple but inspiring website in which former clients could see the renovation as well as inform themselves of the opening hours and variations of the menu.

The web design was inspired by the geometric designs and faint colors of the Artist Malene, bringing to the forefront the visual impact of the coffee restoration, as well as a minimalist and easy-to-navigate menu for the user.

Color Palette

Inspired by the work of Malene Bach done in the restoration of the bar.

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