El Açai Europe

Sharing the Spirit of Acai

El Açai Europe

A company located in Austria responsible for distributing Premium Organic Frozen Açai all around Europe.

Building the Identity

The goal: Unique with a high visual impact

Since the Acai berry is relatively new in Europe the logo should have a high visual impact to attract the curiosity of the market, it should represent a new flavour, a new experience and the at the same time retain its brazilian roots with the european public in mind.

El Acai Europe Logo Brand Identity

To represent its premium superfood and grade ‘A’ special feature, I decided to create a halo around the logo which would reflect its uniqueness, guaranteeing us in a graphic way its high nutritional value and quality.

The main graphic was inspired by the indigenous people of the Amazon, of which the companies feel extremely responsible, as well as being used to represent the true spirit of El Açai: encouraging a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

El Acai Europe Logo Brand Identity
El Acai Print Mockup
El Acai Europe Fonts


Is all about the fun!

Bold, simple and original. The selected font was used mainly to enhance the nature of the product and its playful tone increases reliability of the brand.

All the type faces are easy to combine and ready to be used for any printed and online material.

El Acai Europe Print Promotion Flyer Business Card

Colour Palette

Welcoming a new color


Complementing the strong purple characteristic of the Acai I created a bright color palette using green which reflects the origin of this small berry and yellow as a representative of clean energy and healthy living.

El Acai Europe Color Palette Sofia Moraes

They also represent the core values of the company:

Sustainability | Quality | Happiness

El Acai Europe Business Cards

E-commerce for Desktop

Healthy had never been that delicious

An easy way to get this delicious superfood to your doorstep! A user who signs up for a subscription gets incentives to help the world by using sustainable packaging and donating part of their sale to an organisation dedicated to protect the planet.

El Acai Europe Web Design Mobile Site
El Acai Mobile Design Mockup Sofia Moraes

Mobile Design

A preview of the app :)

What I really enjoyed about this project was that I could use my imagination freely to create media content for the brand. And of course, eat all the Acai I wanted in the meantime :D

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