LA Balm

Cococanna - Natural Skin Care

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La Balm is a line of high quality handcrafted skincare products. Based in California, offers small-batch, organic and wildcrafted body care that uses 100% natural and plant-based ingredients.


An approach of simplicity to daily life

The strategy was to design the visual identity and packaging that would adopt a distinctive language from traditional cosmetic brands, focusing on promoting a more natural and simple lifestyle.
Inspired by: Love | Happiness | Sharing the good stuff

LABalm Logo Sofia Moraes copyright


Spraying those vibes!

Simple and minimal, allowing the brands' spirit and modern vibe shine.


The edge between fun & minimalistic

Color Palette

Pastel colors babe

The client wanted a palette that was bright and fun. I picked a main colour for each pack then mixed up the remaining colours as accents across the range.

Product Line

LA Balm, a brand with a steadfast belief in the power of self-love and communion with nature.

Catalog Design

Good vibes go a long way*

Instagram Graphics

'How to' Instagram slide graphics.

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