Made with Love


Baked with Love

Known for its wide range of baked goods served along with comfort food, the bakery finds a middle ground between ethnic ingredients and an elegant and novel cuisine. Located in the historic San Sebastian de la Paz, Bolivia. Mandalita Bakery is at home among the small shops, the creative residents, and the unique atmosphere that makes up this historic district.

Creating the identity

The new identity was inspired by the Amazonian roots of the founders and the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant without becoming too sweet. Indigenous patterns and textures provide subtle tactility.

Fonts used

Finding the perfect spot between ethnic and innovative

Color Palette

Nice, simple and delicious


The ethnic elements are taken as a reference to develop the entire identity system of the brand.

Creating a proper language for the bakery that is implemented both in its communication and in the goods packaging system

With the creation of a simple app ordering your favorite dessert in Monchi's time was never so easy!

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