The first audio augmented reality device

Mictic - The first body instrument

The startup develop the first body instrument an audio augmented reality device that allow people immerse in one of the most innovative experience of our times: augmented sound reality!

Mictic Brand Identity Sofia Moraes

The problem/goal:

The client approached me with the simple goal of building an easy jet consumer driven website to identify the product, its primary usage, and lead the user into future pre-orders.

The main challenge in terms of design was to show the user in a concise way and within the first seconds of opening the site what the product\experience is all about.

Being a completely new product in our world and our daily life, we decided to use the most direct and impressive communication system on the page: videos! also incorporate a nice fluid design to invite the user to learn more about the product. Used graphics and photos to further encourage the experience and reward.

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