Nomad Yoga

Ready to feel good?

What is Nomad Yoga?

Is a mobile application which presents a series of soulful yoga practices curated for daily use. Designed to help people build a morning routine, connect with other yogis, or simple disconnect from a busy life.

The founders of Nomad Yoga expressed their desire to create an application in which people had the opportunity to create a habit around their practice.

The Design

Giving life to the lines

I incorporate bluish tones into the design which have the characteristics of expressing tranquility, relaxation & feelings of well being.

Nomad Yoga Logo Sofia Moraes copyright


Create a minimal, easy and focused practice that offers the three elements of habit: simplicity, community and discovery. These characteristics are deeply rooted in the human being, which bring as a consequence a total commitment with the application.

The purpose of creating user flows for this application was mainly to demonstrate in a simple way the founders and developers the operation of the app.

Simple UI

Simplicity is the closest way to the heart

With the aim of a minimum decision making and a beautiful and simple user interface, the design of the touch screen allows the user to access the practice in an easy and practical way, eliminating any element of distraction.

The creation of iconography and miniatures was inspired by the soft tones of the main design palette, which resulted in a very pleasing appearance to the eye.

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