Quantum Peak Coaching

Reaching your highest peaks

Quantum Peak Coaching

There is no such thing as reality,
only our perception of it

The Client

Quantum Peak Coaching It is a Canadian company committed to support people who consider a profound change in their lives. Based on values of strength and personal influence it specializes in training, consulting and NLP training programs.

The Solution

I was asked to create a logo and the brand identity that would highlight the brand's uniqueness on the market. The Keywords that sum up branding design were: Powerful / Simplistic / ModernSleek.

Building the Logo

The graphic representation of the peak was a great metaphorical link to the peak of success and happiness they portray through the business, I used a minimalist and angular approach to the design which gave it a simple and modern touch

Color Palette

Transmitting security, reliability and tranquility

Fonts Used

A combination of sans serif which expresses decision making, clarity and balance

A great combination to reflect the core values of the company.

The brand visual is the final word on Quantum Peak Coaching identity: logotype, typography, color palette, photography, and more. It comes with detailed instructions on how to use these elements in a variety of contexts.

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