Swiss Startup Fund I

A fund for venture asset management

SSUG Flagshipfund I

The head of marketing of the Swiss company SSUG approached me for this project in which I should develop in a short period of time the identity, website, corporate branding manual and a presentation of the company, the final goal: to have in less than a month absolutely all the necessary material to give the GO to the company.

Swiss Startuo Fund Brand Identity Sofia Moraes

About the project

Minimalist, simple, noble were the fundamental bases for the creation of this logo. I decided to add features similar to the SSUG logo while maintaining a new, fresh and a pleasing identity.

The Logo

After digital sketching 5 concepts and the final feedback of the client, I proceeded to develop the logo together with the creation of the brand guidelines and website.

Color Palette

Was defined after stuying the target group and personas, which will be: the cheerful city person, the young families and retirees reciding in the area of Mosnang.

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