Wohlgensinger AG

Innovative ecological carpentry with experience in remodeling, new construction and furniture.

Simplicity and Sustainability

It is an ecological and sustainable wood construction company founded in 1941. It is responsible for advice, planning and construction using regional wood in the Mosnang area, Switzerland.

Wohlgensinger Sofia Moraes Design

The Problem

Create a beautiful, vibrant, minimal yet impactful new version of the website that transmits the vision of the company and at the same time to be used as online catalog and inspiration for client’s future projects.

Their Values

simplicity, sustainability, innovation and aesthetics

Color Palette

Was defined after stuying the target group and personas, which will be: the cheerful city person, the young families and retirees reciding in the area of Mosnang.

Since the website was developed as a React PWA, I had a lot of freedom to make a beautiful website with several features, transitions, carousels, symmetric shapes giving balance and focus to the images as the main point of attention, a soft color palette to reflect the ecology and company mision.

I was also in charge of choosing the photo/content for the website, photo and color correction as well as creating the wireframe, UI and icons used on the site.

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